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Welcome to the EUC University

Tired of hunting for information about EUC related products and add-ons all over the place? We were on the same boat. Your hunt is over.

Before you board the EUC train, it is important to understand what EUC means and all its moving parts. As of today, like anything else, pretty much all the information you need about a topic is available on the internet in several different formats. Ebooks, YouTube videos, blog posts, you name it.

The main issue is simple: it is all scattered, all over the place. And more than that, created by different people with potentially different teaching/writing styles and in many cases, biased towards a particular vendor.

With all that in mind, we knew there had to be a better way to learn everything you need about EUC and in a single spot. The reason why the EUC University was born.

Welcome to the EUC University. Your one-stop, always free, learning resource for all EUC related products.

We do hope you enjoy it as much as we do creating all this content.


Core Vendors

These are the guys building the foundation of an EUC based solution. Prime examples are Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Parallels, Accops and others.


How is your environment performing? Where are your bottlenecks? If a user complains, where do you go to get the information you need? This is all part of monitoring what in simple terms is just keeping an eye on your environment.


Yes, it is the year 2019. Everyone carries a smartphone or a similar device. But trust us, printing is still needed. If I receive a document how to I go from digital to paper copy if my whole digital life runs in the cloud or in a datacenter? Welcome to printing.


Without applications, your environment is probably soul less. An empty shell. Users need their apps. How do you install these apps in a robust and error free way? How to update these or even to properly rollback them? There are indeed many ways to skin the cat. 


Once your users are in your environment, they may set things the way they want. Applications they use need to store their settings somewhere. This all usually ends up on what we call the user profile. And as you guessed there are lots of vendors that can help you tame the profile beast.

Load Testing

You are ready to roll. You got your environment up and running. But without load testing, you have no real clue if it will be able to handle 10 users or 10,000 users. That is what load testing does for you.